About Me

Hi, I’m Ali! I’m a Midwestern housewife and brand new momma to a beautiful baby girl. I’m a born  and raised Kentucky girl, and as the name indicates, I love bourbon, bacon, and my baby (not necessarily in that order). I also have a giant weakness for chocolate and, as a result, have become an avid gym-goer (well, my home gym). I love all things food, and learned most of what I know from watching my Mamaw cook, binge watching the Food Network, and reading food blogs. I’m continuing to learn and grow in my cooking knowledge and am not shy about admitting that I’m a huge fan of (loosely) following recipes. On my blog you’ll find a collection of recipes that are a good balance of healthy and indulgent, as I am a huge advocate of a healthy lifestyle, but also believe in enjoying all good things in moderation. Also, my husband happens to be a meat, potatoes, and sweets man, and would likely divorce me if these things didn’t make our weekly dinner rotation.

As a new mom, I also plan to share some of my experiences in this terrifying but wonderful journey into motherhood. I may also be posting any number of other thoughts, projects, rants, and inspiration throughout the blog. I hope you enjoy!



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